Kevin Susman

"Even if you think you know who you are, and what your personal brand is, Kevin's workshops are a must-attend event." - R.B.

A dynamic and engaging public speaker

Kevin Susman weaves his diverse experiences as a Hollywood film producer, enterprise brand strategist, proven creative director and independent entrepreneur into powerfully entertaining narratives. Whether he's leading a corporate training, guest-lecturing at a University, delivering a keynote address or contributing to a panel discussion, Kevin successfully synthesizes his unique worldview into accessible and actionable learnings that have entertained and educated audiences around the country.

Kevin has taught Team Visioning workshops at companies, including: Starbucks, Nordstrom, Google & Microsoft.

Kevin has taught Personal Branding at University of Washington, LMU, Woodbury University, Right Management, Lee Hecht Harrison & Marketing Executive Networking Group (MENG), among others.

As a featured speaker on brand and marketing, Kevin has spoken at: Brand Collective 2015; Innovate Pasadena; Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) - LA, OC & SF chapters; McDermott & Bull Executive Network; Creative Talent Network; and, Women in Wireless.

Branding Workshops That Build Stronger Brand Advocates

Kevin's Team Visioning work teaches people how to use the tools of branding to communicate not just why their employer matters to its customers, but why they, as individuals, matter to the brand!

The most compelling brand advocates for any organization are its people. They communicate what the brand offers and how it helps. But, how are your people shaping the perceptions of their customers? How are they validating your brand’s vision? How are they helping deliver on its promise? Kevin's #teamvisioning work teaches individuals how to use the tools of branding to become more effective leaders, capable of creating more successful organizations!

Knowing why you matter only happens when your people understand how their value propositions (what they offer) and their customer benefits (how they help) validate the brand’s Big Idea. Which is why, when leaders implement Kevin's #teamvisioning, they gain the tools they need to stop selling themselves as products that do things, and start marketing themselves as brands that matter.

Personal Branding Teaching That Makes People More Successful

Kevin's WHY MATTERS #personalbranding work teaches people how to stop marketing themselves as a product that does things and start marketing themselves as a brand that matters.

To be successful in the marketplace, to compete and win, brands must effectively communicate to potential customers the answer to why—why they are relevant, why they are essential, why they exist. The same is true for individuals, where personal brand can be as much a factor in achieving professional objectives as bottom-line performance.

Blending lecture with structured interactives, WHY MATTERS #personalbranding workshops teach new ways to identify and express who you are, what you offer and why you matter! Regardless of where you are in your employment journey, a WHY MATTERS workshop will help you rethink, reconstruct and recommit to the development and communication of your personal brand.

"Kevin's presentation was terrific and so valuable. The idea of personal branding is so new to most people from the corporate world, but he makes an otherwise confusing topic so clear and workable." - D.C.